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Wonder Wash

wonder wash       wonder wash       wonder wash       wonder wash

Category : Cleaner for sensitive stones like marble / granite
Useage : Floor cleaning
Contains : Anionic surfactants, fragrance oils
Available Flavors : Lime, Jasmine, Herbal, Rose, Sandal, Fresh
Net weight : 5 lit., 500ml, 200 ml
Available in : Pet bottle

It is our sincere effort to produce a product after in-depth research analysis of world’s leading products in same market segment having basic requirement for ceramic products.

In-depth research analysis has been carried out before giving wide range of formulations to select. There are more than 30+ patents registered on various hard surface cleaner liquid compositions which can be broadly classified under amphoteric and mixtures thereof. It can be further classified under group of organic acid like lactic acid, sulfamic acid, citric acid, valeric acid, hexanoic acid and glycolic acid.

We have selected various chemicals and formulation which gives best cleaning at the same time not harmful to human being or environment.

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