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QUICKWASH >> Solid Tablet Block Cleaner for Toilet Bowl 80gms

Category : Solid tablet Block Cleaner for Toilet Bowl
Useage : Toilet Bowl
Contains : Sodium lauryl sulfate, Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonate, Cocomonoethanolamide, Hydroxethylcellulose, Sodium citrate, fragrance, Color(80gm)
Available Flavors : Regular, Fresh Frag
Net weight : 80gms
Available in : Solid Block
A toilet cleaning block that releases a sanitizing agent in a controlled, substantially constant rate for 23- 30 days (in 80 gms)and also available about 100 to 120 days ( With Bleach in 100 gms ) of constant contact with water and is then completely dissolved in the water.

One well-recognized source of germs in modern households is the toilet. Consumers spend considerable time and money in cleaning and sanitizing toilets. Not only is this difficult task unpleasant for many people, it also does not protect against proliferation of germs between cleanings.

One alternative to continual cleaning of the toilet is the use of in-tank articles that dispense a sanitizing agent into the toilet tank. These product employ a chemical or combination of chemicals that release a halogen containing sanitizing agent when in contact with water. These articles have the advantage of providing continuous cleaning and sanitizing of the toilet, at least while the sanitizing agent remains in the tank.

Changing the size of the block can change the release profile of the containing sanitizing agent because of the change in block surface area.
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