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QUICKWASH >> Automatic liquid toilet bowl cleaner



Product : “Quick wash”
Category : Automatic liquid toilet bowl cleaner
Useage : Western commode – cleans n perfume with every flush !
Contains : Anionic surfactants, fragrance oils
Available Flavors : Strawberry, Jasmine, Herbal, Rose, Sandal
Net weight : 55ml ( liquid )
Available in : Blister pack with complete unit and re-charge bottle also

“QUICKWASH” is been designed with a clear thought
“What is a real need of customer ?, cleaning manually thrice in a week or taking care of commode with every flush ?”

“QUICKWASH” relates to a cleansing and/or freshening unit capable of being suspended from the rim of a toilet bowl for the multipurpose of spreading a fresh odor in the toilet room, disinfecting and introducing active substances into the flushing water with each flush in Indian Condition.

In known units of this type, use is made of blocks of cleansing and freshening substances in solid form, capable of being suspended by means of some suspension means from the rim of a toilet bowl in cage-shaped containers in the path of the flushing water. A drawback of the known blocks of cleansing and freshening substances is that they have a short lifetime, the dosing is uneven and such blocks contain fillers that may be detrimental to the environment. An important drawback is that the air freshening effect of such blocks is limited because with each flush of the toilet, the active substance that is dispensed disappears immediately along with the flushing water.

The object of “QUICKWASH” is to circumvent these drawbacks of known cleansing and/or freshening units capable of being suspended from the rim of a toilet bowl.

To that end, “QUICKWASH” comprises a reservoir for active substance, such as liquid containing cleansing and air freshening agent, this reservoir having its contents in constant communication with a porous mass which is disposed in the path of the flushing water when a unit has been suspended in a toilet bowl. When the toilet is not used, per unit time a substantially constant amount of liquid will evaporate via the porous mass and thus have an air freshening effect. With each flush, a likewise substantially constant amount of active substance will be carried along by the flushing water and thus have a cleansing effect.

It is important that with the unit according to the invention, a double action is obtained, consisting, on the one hand, of a continuous, constant dispensation of freshening substance and, on the other, of a constant measure of cleansing action with each flush.
Material that is left behind as the perfume evaporates will be carried along and removed from the porous mass during flushing, whereby this mass is rinsed clean and clogging thereof is prevented.

In a preferred embodiment of the invention, the unit comprises a container, provided with a suspension means such as a hook, this container being open at the top and having a bottom provided with perforations, as well as a retaining means, arranged at the bottom, for the mouth of a liquid reservoir in which is arranged a liquid-permeable closure, and the porous mass extends on the container bottom over the perforations provided therein, in contact with the liquid-permeable closure of the reservoir.

With this embodiment, an important effect is achieved, namely, a delayed action or aftereffect of the active substance after each flush. The point is that with each flush an amount of flushing water will remain behind on the porous mass, trickle through this mass and thereby carry along active substance and any residues through the subjacent bottom perforations and bring them into the water in the water seal of the toilet bowl, where the cleansing action and the diffusion of perfume can continue for some time after the flush.

The cleansing and freshening effect of “QUICKWASH” therefore combines the advantages of constant dispensation of perfume, constant dispensation of active substance with each flush as long as liquid is present in the reservoir, and delayed action, i.e., after each flush the dispensation of active substance continues for some time.

“QUICKWASH” is been designed to perform with same efficiency till the last drop of liquid. With every flush….

  1. It takes care of your commode with gentle cleaning and prevents scale that occurs in a long run use
  2. It perfumes and prevents the bad odor
  3. It kills bacterial growth after every use
  4. It produces good foaming which gives soothing effect for a longer period of time
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